Features to Look for when Finalizing a B2B Ecommerce Platform

B2B Ecommerce Platform

Ability to Review or Edit Order

Once the order has been submitted by the customer, there must be a provision to make changes in the order. For instance, the quantity ordered might not be available. In such circumstances, you will have to edit the order. So the platform you select should be able to handle these order management activities effectively. Also, once the order is approved, a notification approval must be automatically sent to the customer.

Ability to Set Threshold for Minimum Order

Many times, it is not possible to fulfill an order simply because it is unprofitable to your business. An easy way to avoid unprofitable orders is to choose a platform that allows you to put minimum order limit. There are quite a few ecommerce platforms available that allow you to set minimum order amount for each checkout. In other platforms, users are given the permission to add minimum limits on any product in your store. So make sure the B2B ecommerce platform you choose allows you to set limitations on purchase amount or number of items in the cart.

Comes with Extensive Reporting Feature

The B2B ecommerce software you select should allow you to keep track of your sales. Many ecommerce platforms allow users to analyze their business performance through Reporting feature. So the platform you choose should allow you to generate different types of Reports that help to inspect performance by product, customer etc.

Ability to Grant User Rights

As your business grows and sales increase, you will be adding more users to your ecommerce BackOffice. So make sure the ecommerce platform you have finalized has the option to increase the number of users as and when required. Moreover as an administrator, you should be able to grant different access rights to each one of your users.


Manage your Quoting Process Effortlessly using Mobile Sales Quoting App

Mobile Sales Quoting App

If you are looking for a sales quoting software that moves with you, choose one that comes with a mobile extension. Using a mobile application of a Quoting tool will enable you to run your business from your mobile phones. You can now browse through product catalog and create some of the most attractive quotes using your smartphones. No depending on office desktops to manage your quoting process.

In today’s highly competitive sales environment, spending too much time in creating quotes can lead to loss in business revenue. Speed matters when it comes to closing sales. In order to survive and move ahead of the competition, it is important to use a technology that enables you to close deals quickly from wherever you are. With the Best mobile sales quoting app, you can handle your quoting process at lightning speed.

With these quoting apps, transform everything from how sales reps create, send and manage quotes. Remember, every quote requested is a golden opportunity to win new business. In such a situation, how quickly and professionally you create a quote holds the key to grab the deal. A quoting app irrespective of your location will allow you to create a beautiful quote on the spot.

On the other hand, manual quoting process will take a few days to deliver a quote, thereby significantly reducing the chances of closing the deal. In today’s times, customers are too impatient to wait for even an hour for receiving a quote. Quoting apps have all the functionality to generate a Quote immediately on the run. For instance, these apps come with Product catalog software that enable you to search the catalog on the go.

These apps store all the information including customer records and inventory coming from all the distributors to create a quote quickly. As long as the mobile device is Internet-enabled, you can use it to manage quotes on the fly.

How Sales Team will Benefit from Using CPQ Software

Benefit from Using CPQ Software

Consider this: Your customer requests a quote of a complex product and you are able to configure and quote the product on the spot. If you consider this scenario next to possible, you are probably using manual methods of quoting. Automation is the key to configure price and quote a product quickly. This complicated process can be done in a matter of minutes using CPQ software. From guided selling to workflow-based approval, CPQ tool does everything to simplify your process and save your money.

With this software tool, you can significantly improve your customers’ buying experience as now it is possible to provide options for your customers to configure a product. Moreover, all the information required to configure and quote a complex solution is at your fingertips. Hence, there is little doubt that using this tool will inject speed into your quoting and sales process.

This CPQ tool has become an important business driver for companies involved in complex sales. Previously addressing a complex sales order was considered a difficult job. No More! Thanks to the increasing usage of Configure price quote software. Whether it is about bundling a product or displaying cross-sell opportunities along with the quote, you can easily achieve it using this software tool.

The software tool is designed to automatically suggest accessories, while you are creating a quote. Hence, as a sales rep, you don’t have to spend time in suggesting an additional product to the customer as the process is automated.

On the whole, if you want to grow your bottom line, it is important to spend minimal amount of time in quoting process. A CPQ solution will give that much needed impetus to your sales process. It will alleviate the complexity of your quoting process and ensure higher business revenue in the years to come.

Ariba PunchOut Catalog – Why to Use it?

Ariba PunchOut Catalog

Ariba PunchOut protocol is specifically designed for B2B customers who are using Ariba procurement application for their purchasing process. Ariba procurement systems are commonly used by government buyers and other big enterprises. So if you want to do business with these large customers make sure to use this special version of PunchOut protocol.

Supports Huge IT Product Catalog

Suppliers who are offering extensive range of products need to use this protocol. It’s ability to support huge volume of Catalog data is one of the biggest advantages for large suppliers. For instance, Ariba PunchOut catalog supports Dell’s Catalog of 55000 products. It also supports visual display, meaning you can also add images to the catalog, thereby giving your customers an Amazon-like shopping experience. The catalog also allows you to include products with large number of configurations.

Supports Frequent Updates

When business needs require you to update catalog frequently, using AribaPunchOut solution is the need of the hour. You don’t have to re-publish the entire catalog every time you add or modify existing product. Hence updating catalog is an effortless task. PunchOut supports dynamic update, meaning obsolete products are automatically deleted.

Supports Upselling

If you are serious about promoting your products to your B2B customers, you need to implement Ariba PunchOut. It enables you to communicate in a better way. Apart from offering an Amazon-like shopping experience, the protocol also allows you to upsell accessories, which can work wonders to increase order size. So display upsells and successfully execute promotional activities on your Ariba PunchOut catalog and expect increase in sales and business revenue.

Assured Contract Compliance

Every PunchOut catalog is unique and designed as per the unique requirements of the customer. The catalog will always contain pre-approved products and pricing. Moreover, every time customer starts a PunchOut session, he gets access to his Contract catalog only. So contract compliance is guaranteed when you are using this protocol.

Why to Use Procurement Management Software


Unlike B2C customers, the procurement process of B2B customers is different. It is a multi-stage process and requires approval from the higher authority whenever purchasing products. This can be tedious if B2B customers are managing their procurement manually. In fact, many large organizations struggle to deal with long inefficient procurement process. It often leads to over spend as purchasing may occur that is not compliant with the procurement policies. The key to resolve this issue is to use a Procurement management software.

Eliminate errors and save time and effort spent on manual processes using this procurement system. When you want to ensure procurement compliance and improve the process, automating it using an appropriate software tool is recommended. You can make your procure-to-pay cycle more efficient and control cost using a procurement system. From streamlining requisitions to simplifying the sourcing process, to making it easier to manage purchase orders, a procurement software solution will surely help to manage your day-to-day purchasing better.

The software system enforces compliance by ensuring that sales reps have access only to authorized suppliers while procuring products, thereby leaving no scope for unauthorized transactions. It simplifies product search process, hence procurement managers can easily find what they are looking for. They no longer have to deal with cumbersome processes that waste time and money of the organization. The procurement system introduces automatic workflow approvals, which help to accelerate the source-to-settle process.

With Procure mentsystem, managers improve accuracy, decrease cost of transactions and achieve compliance. They have access to Amazon-like interface for online shopping, which helps to enhance purchasing experience. The system acts like a centralized purchasing platform which increases spend visibility and improves compliance. Since managers won’t be sending incorrect orders, it will help to build good relationship with the suppliers. Managers gain full visibility into the spend process, thereby ensuring better spend performance management.

Streamline your Complex Sales Process using CPQ Software

streamline process.jpg

When you are selling complex products and you want to speed up the sales process, you have no option but to automate the process. Selling more will become next to possible if you are using manual methods of creating and quoting product configurations. In manual quoting, sales reps have to access information from multiple locations when creating a quote, thereby making the process highly time consuming. As a result, delivering a quote often takes several hours and in some cases days.

However, if sales reps are serious about sending quotes to customers quickly, they need to use a CPQ software. It is the most efficient way to create quotes and moreover ensure that all pricing rules are followed while configuring a product. The tool allows you to produce quotes with fewer errors. You can drive business by creating customized configurations with ease.

From pricing rules to product bundling, the software tool handles everything and ensures that there are no bottlenecks in the quote-to-order process. It ensures that you face absolutely no issues in creating quotes that contain multiple bundles and product configurations. Your sales reps will be able to spend more time making sales. Irrespective of the complexity of the product, you are able to preserve your margins with every quote and moreover ensure 100% accuracy in quotes.

Moreover, when it comes to creating orders, a single click is all that is needed to convert a quote into an order. Moreover since CPQ can be easily integrated with your existing systems, you can always send orders to your ERP or CRM system.

On the whole, if you want to minimize your pricing errors and close deals faster while quoting a product configuration, make sure to incorporate a Configure price quote software into your business processes. Once you start using the tool, you will realize its impact on business revenue and margins.