Advantages of Online Quoting System

8 Aug pexels-photo-69432No Longer Tied to the Office for Work

The biggest advantage of using Online sales quoting software is that sales reps do not remain tied to the office for their quoting activity. Whether it is about creating, editing or sending a quote to the customer, they don’t have to go to the office every time any quoting work arises. Working in a cubicle for quote creation would become a thing of the past with these online quoting tools. The simple reason being that the software tool is accessible via the Internet. Sales reps no longer have to depend on their computer’s hard drive in order to operate the software.

Use any Device

The entire sales quoting application is delivered to devices through the Internet. This means irrespective of the device, location or time, you can create quotes as long as you have access to the Internet. Internet connectivity is the key to operate these Web quotation software tools. Be it laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone, you can manage your quotes from any device. Mobile quoting app enable its users to quote on the go. You can create quotes on the spot for your customers.

Increases Productivity

Your quoting job is location independent, meaning you can do your quoting activity from anywhere in the world. You can confidently take your quoting work anywhere using Online quoting system. It can cut time spent on commutes to the office, which can actually make you more productive and less stressed while working.

Work from Anywhere

Being able to handle your quoting task from wherever you are is the biggest advantage of using online quoting software. Whether you are at the beach, on the road, at home or your local cafe, the cloud-based quoting software will allow you and your team to manage quotes from anywhere. Some of the most complex quoting requirements can be handled from anywhere using cloud-based Configure price quote software.

Get Real Time Pricing and Availability using Sales Quoting Software

7 aug photographer-working-at-the-deskAre you fed-up of importing distributor product files into your system whenever you want to know product-related data such as pricing and availability? If yes, choose an online sales quoting software that simplifies the process of product catalog management. You no longer have to perform the time-consuming task of uploading distributor files that contain thousands of products if you are using this quoting tool.

With this quoting software, accessing latest product pricing and availability information has never become so easier before. This is because all your distributed catalogs are combined to form one single catalog, which is then integrated with your quoting tool.

For instance, you might be connected to various vendors, say Tech Data, United Stationers and Arrow Electronics distributor. Now online catalogs from all these distributors are aggregated to create one single master file which is then connected directly to your quoting tool.

Moreover, this aggregated catalog has features like ‘Product search and comparison’, which allows you to quickly find the products from the catalog. Also, you can compare product prices coming from multiple distributors. This means, you can know at what price the same product is being sold at Tech Data and United Stationers distributor. This will allow you to choose the right price so that you get the maximum profit from the transaction.

Also, the aggregated catalog integrated with the quoting tool is updated in real time. So any catalog information accessed for quote creation is current and up-to-date. So if the distributor, say Tech Data is changing catalog content frequently, real time Tech Data integration ensures that your aggregated catalog has accurate information.

On the whole, an online quoting tool with its catalog management functionality allows you to view your online catalog from one central location in real time. So as long as you have Internet connection, you can access your catalog data from any device (laptops and smartphones) and accurately create quotes on the run.

Improving Quote creation To Quote Acceptance Rate

With more companies adopting innovative tools, the speed and efficiency of the quoting process is dramatically improved. Certainly, this leaves quote creation and acceptance as the prime focus to drive further improvements in sales processes. You are reading this means you want to turn your quote into business. Almost every VAR business aspires to succeed. [ ]

Improve your B2B Business using PunchOut Catalog

3 AugAs a supplier, if you want to streamline transactions with your B2B customers and improve business, you can rely on PunchOut, a protocol that allow a buyer to access supplier’s site with a single click of a button. It is essentially a connection wherein the customers are directed from their procurement system to their own respective contract catalogs located in the supplier’s ecommerce site.

This contract catalog is sometimes referred to as PunchOut catalog because the buyer “punches out” from his procurement application to reach his pre-configured catalog. The PunchOut catalog solution eliminates the tedious task of browsing through non-contractual products as user has direct access to contract catalog only.

Most B2B customers do not prefer the traditional checkout process as it is not compliant with their ordering process. This is because in a B2B environment, the items ordered need approval from the department that handles company expenditures.

A PunchOut catalog does not follow the normal checkout process since the items purchased from the reseller’s site are brought back to the customer’s procurement system. The shopping cart is then sent to the concerned authority for approval. So if you use PunchOut feature to connect with your B2B customers, it can simplify their purchasing process, which can help to increase sales.

B2B customers also want options to configure a product as per their requirements. In fact, this is a must-have B2B ecommerce functionality to engage customers. However, you won’t be able to offer products with configurable options if you have not incorporated this feature into your business. A CIF catalog doesn’t have the provision to show configuration options. So if you want to showcase products that have extensive scope for configuration, it is advised to incorporate PunchOut catalog into your business.

Contact some of the popular PunchOut catalog providers like PeopleSoft who can develop customized solutions and ease the buying process of your B2B customers. Implementing PeopleSoft PunchOut catalog will surely open the door to new business opportunities.

7 types of sales automations every VAR should use

Automation is poised to transform the way things are done. In today’s fast paced and digital era, the sales landscape is much more competitive than it was a decade ago. Potential customers have brand recognition and awareness and have more than twice as many brands to select from. These well-informed customers are less inclined to [ ]

How Sales Quoting Software can Boost Quote-to-Sale Conversion Rate

2 aug

You Send Quote at the Earliest

In order to encourage higher quote-to-sale conversion rate, it is necessary to send the quote as early as possible, after RFQ has been submitted by the customer. If you take long to send the quote, customers may go to your competitors. On the other hand, when you respond to RFQ at the earliest – say in a few minutes – it shows that you care about your customers, which can have a positive impact on their buying decision.

Unlike manual quoting, putting together a quote using Sales quoting software is incredibly simple. It is just a matter of few minutes before you can send the quote to the customers. Even if the quoting requirement is a complicated one, it can be easily completed without any delay using Configure price quote software. 

You Send Slick Looking Professional Quotes

If you want to stand out from the competition, you really have to be careful about how you present your quotes to the customers. An IT product quoting software allows you to generate impressive quotes which can help to win business. You can add photos, separators, prominently display your company logo and provide an in-depth description of products in order to make the quote look better and attractive. Using this software tool, you can email your quote in professional HTML and PDF format that can put a very good impression about your company and make customers more interested in your products.

On the whole, you simply cannot ignore your quoting process as constructing a quote properly is critical if you want to convert it into a sale. When quotes are sent in a timely manner and presented properly, the customers recognize you as a professional and feel more confident about your ability to fulfill quoting requirements. So use this software tool and improve accuracy and add efficiency to your quoting job. For better convenience and mobility, choose a Web quotation software as it will allow you to create and send quotes on the go.

Optimize your VAR Business Process using Sales Quoting Software

1 augThe key to improve efficiency is to get rid of old-fashioned ways of doing VAR business. You need to automate your business processes by using appropriate software tools. This will make your processes more efficient and less prone to errors. The level of efficiency achieved by automation helps to lower operational costs, boost profit and increase productivity.

As we all know, the process of quote creation is painstakingly slow when done manually. No wonder, it makes the quoting process horribly inefficient, which can have a cascading effect on your overall VAR business. The key to simplify the process is to use a sales quoting software, which has been designed to make your quoting activity faster and easier.

Incorporating this software tool into your business is one of the best things you can do to take your sales team’s productivity level to an entirely new level. Employee productivity will no longer be an issue as far as quote handling is concerned. Quote creation would become an activity of few minutes, thereby giving your team plenty of time to handle other activities as well. Your team will be able to spend time with more number of qualified prospects and increase your customer base.

Choose an Online Sales quoting software as it will allow you to do your quoting job from any device (desktop, laptop, smartphone) as long it has Internet connectivity. This means you are no longer tied to the office to manage your quotes. The Web quotation software offers you the opportunity to quote products from anywhere irrespective of time and place.

It will become much easier to quote and sell products, irrespective of how complex the quoting requirement is. You can quickly configure products with all the pricing calculated correctly and add them to the quote using Configure price quote software. You are able to increase quote accuracy and close bigger deals faster despite complicated products and services involved while quoting.

So as a VAR, if you want to optimize your business process and improve sales effectiveness, give your team access to quoting and Proposal software and expect unmatched performance from them.