Leverage LinkedIn as a marketing tool for your VAR business

Leverage LinkedIn as a marketing tool for your VAR business


Things to Consider when Integrating ERP and CRM Systems


Running a business with ERP and CRM as a standalone systems can be extremely annoying. Your sales reps will have to enter data manually in both the systems and face a hard time keeping track of sales. On the other hand, integration will provide greater insights into your processes and enable you to manage your business more effectively.

Here’s what you should consider before integrating both the systems:

No Conflict of Business Rules

Contact and account records are present in both ERP and CRM applications. Customer information in ERP comes into picture when an order is placed. ERP keeps track of purchase history, billing and shipping details. On the other hand, CRM is more into understanding and storing prospect and client data as well as in managing sales pipeline. So the business rules of both the systems should not interfere or conflict with one another while integrating the applications. This is critical to ensure smooth flow of data between systems.

Ensure Smooth Flow from Sales Quote to Order Fulfillment

With CRM integration with ERP, the quotations that are created in CRM should be saved as orders in the ERP application with a single click of a mouse. You certainly don’t want to manually enter orders in ERP, once the quote is confirmed in your CRM system. So the integration should automate the process and ensure seamless flow from quote to cash.

Supports Customization

You may want to add custom fields that are important for your business in either or both the CRM and ERP systems. So make sure the ERP-CRM integration supports your customization needs at every level.

Type of Data

The main purpose behind ERP integration with CRM is to allow data to be easily accessible to users of both the systems. For instance, when your sales team is using CRM system they would like to access specific information such as billing information, order status etc., from ERP systems. So before integration, decide what kind of information should be easily visible from both the systems.

How can an Online Sales Quoting System Benefit your Business


The quoting process, be it for small, medium or large-sized company, can be time-taking when handled manually using Excel sheets. However, if you want to streamline your quoting activity and boost productivity of your sales team, it is time to use an Online quoting system. Managing quotations right from creation to converting them into invoices becomes a simple activity. In fact, managing your entire sales process is incredibly easy when you incorporate this online tool into your business.

Simplify your Quoting Process

Produce quotes within a span of minutes, regardless of their complexity using these quoting systems. Whether it is about emailing a quote to the customer or customizing it as per your requirements, you can do it in a hassle-free manner when you have access to this software tool. Converting a quote into a Sales order or saving a quote as an opportunity is just a mouse click away.

Use any Device

The online quoting system will also allow you to use any device be it laptop or smartphone, for creating and managing your quotes. Thus, you can do your quoting activity anytime and from any device as long as you have access to the Internet. It enables you to manage your quotes ‘on the fly’ from any mobile device.

Track Sales Performance

Moreover online quoting tools like InstaQuote software comes with a variety of reports that give deep insights into the health of your business. These reports give an overview of your company’s progress towards achieving their objectives. Know how your sales reps are performing in terms of converting quotes into sales. For instance, the ‘Sales by Person’ report will enable you to know the number of quotes sales reps are creating every month. Find out the total amount generated from quotes that are converted into orders. Thus, the Reports feature in the sales quoting software can help you to monitor the performance of your sales team.

B2B Ecommerce Mistakes that you Must Avoid


Lengthy Checkout Process

Unlike B2C customers, your B2B customers are purchasing products on a regular basis. So making your large customers go through a lengthy checkout process every time they make a purchase is likely to have a negative impact on sales. So make sure the checkout process is as short as possible. To be more precise, from logging onto the site to the final purchase, ensure that it is not complicated. Nowadays suppliers are commonly using PunchOutsolution to connect with their B2B customers. PunchOut protocol simplifies the checkout and purchasing process to a great extent for B2B customers.

Taking the help of the Wrong Vendor

You don’t want to choose an ecommerce vendor that has very little knowledge about designing B2B ecommerce stores. B2B and B2C are two different forms of commercial transactions. In a B2B environment, you are dealing with large companies, corporates etc. So the design and functionality of your platform will vary from one B2B customer to another depending upon their requirements. So make sure the vendor you choose has adequate expertise in dealing with B2B business model.

Choosing the Wrong Ecommerce Platform

When your company is having a B2B business model, it doesn’t make sense to use a B2C ecommerce software to meet your business needs. When you will be handling B2B business, building a very basic ecommerce site is not enough. Developing a highly sophisticated B2B ecommerce platform is the need of the hour in order to manage the needs of large customers.

Not Enough Payment Options

Providing just two or three payment options such as Credit card and Purchase card is not enough if you want to be successful in B2B business model. Large corporates often prefer to make payments via Company Check, Company PO and Personal Check. You should also offer payment terms like Net 30, Net 60 which give your customers a time period of 30 to 60 days for making payments. In short, the more payment options you offer the more comfortable your B2B customers are in shopping from your site.

Increase your Sales Effectiveness with CPQ Software


If you are looking for an easy way to maximize productivity with minimum wasted effort while quoting a product configuration, it is time to use a CPQsoftware. Say goodbye to errors, rework and dramatically reduce the time it takes to create and quote a product configuration. Designed to streamline quote-to-order process, the quoting tool can take your sales to the next level.

Quoting problem arises when you are selling a wide range of products along with their configurations. Configuring a product is likely to have errors either in pricing or in the configuration itself. To resolve this issue, it is necessary to automate the process with a CPQ tool. You can quote some of the toughest configurations with ease using this software tool and give a boost to your sales process. You create configurations with greater accuracy and with full confidence while keeping your margins intact.

With Configure price quote softwareyou can create a product and quickly recommend the possible configuration options that are applicable for that product. You are assured of compatibility between components while you are creating a custom product configuration. Even if you don’t have any knowledge about the possible product combinations, the ‘guided selling’ feature helps you in selecting the right components so that you create the correct configuration effortlessly.

Customer satisfaction is also guaranteed since you create a customized solution without spending too much time. This can have a positive impact on your win rate. Also the different product configurations that you create and quote using the Configure price quote solution can be displayed on your e-store. Your customers can review and confirm the quote online.

On the whole, CPQ tools provide an easy way for sales reps to quote and sell quickly and efficiently. It will help you to outperform your competition and enable you to sell faster and more.