Why B2B Customers ask for PunchOut Integration


Large clients, commonly referred to as B2B customers want PunchOut integration to connect with their seller. The reason is simple: It has plenty of advantages for both the buyer as well as the seller. The most important benefit is that it brings great amount of convenience while purchasing.

PunchOut catalog is a connection that brings the seller’s ecommerce site directly inside the buyer’s eprocurement system. So even if the site is located on a remote server, the buyers can open the site in a single mouse click. No logging using username and password is required to access the site.

Also with PunchOut integration, you directly access your pre-approved product catalog. No spending time and energy in browsing through non-catalog items. So there is no question of creating an order that contains non-contract products.

Also unlike CIF catalog, PunchOut is a dynamic product, which means any changes in the seller’s contract catalog are directly visible to the buyer in real time. So even if the product pricing or the availability status of a product is updated, the buyer can know the changes in real time. This eliminates the need to upload updated catalog into the buyer’s eprocurement system.

Also in a B2B environment, the procurement manager has no right to approve products. So the products that have been added in the shopping cart using the procurement system will require confirmation from the higher authority.

The PunchOut catalog solution has been designed keeping the B2B approval process in mind. So the shopping cart containing the selected products is transferred back to the buyer’s eprocurement system to get order confirmation. This gives the management real time visibility of the products that will be ordered. Upon receiving the approval, the seller is notified electronically, who then starts processing the order immediately.

Considering the many benefits of PunchOut, there is little wonder that large buyers want PunchOut integration for conducting business transactions with their sellers.


Why ‘Ease of Use’ Matters when it comes to your Sales Quoting Software

ease sells

You have decided to use quoting software to simplify and not complicate the quoting process. Your main purpose of using the tool is to get rid of manual quoting, which is extremely time consuming and inefficient. The tool commonly referred to as InstaQuotesoftware automates the quoting process, so that you create quotes in minimum amount of time. In fact, you should be able to prepare and send a quote in just a few minutes, no matter how complex the requirement is.

However, the very purpose of automating the process is defeated if you are not finding it easy to use. So managing quotes can become a tedious activity despite using an Onlinesales quoting software. In simple words, you would spend a lot of time in quote creation, despite using a quoting tool. This in turn will have a negative impact on your productivity. So it is very important that the tool has a sophisticated, yet simple and convenient interface so that preparing a quote is never an issue.

Sales quoting software should come with an intuitive interface so that you can create and manage large number of quotes in less time. An ‘easy to use’ interface ensures that creating a quote is just a few clicks away. Moreover, it will require minimal training for sales reps to learn the software tool. Your recently joined sales reps don’t have to spend days in understanding the quoting tool.

On the whole, if you want to make your quoting process easy, make sure the IT product quotingsoftware you choose is simple to understand and use. Ease of use should be your top priority so that even sales reps who are not tech savvy can use it effortlessly and perform quoting related tasks much faster. This in turn will help to improve your overall business revenue.

Why Should you Integrate your PSA Software with other Business Tools

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When it comes to managing critical functions in an IT company such as ticketing, sales, invoicing and marketing, you can always rely on Autotask, a PSA platform that has been designed specifically for this purpose. Although Autotask helps to improve efficiency and streamline business operations, it is necessary to integrate your PSA solution with business tools like accounting software, CRM and remote monitoring and management (RMM).

Autotaskintegration with accounting software can work wonders to simplify your invoicing process. It is a known fact that Autotask enables you to send invoices in just a few mouse click. However, when it comes to receiving payments, a lot of manual work is involved. This is because payment is given via check, which is then matched to the invoice. This is time consuming and cumbersome, particularly when you get large number of checks every month. No wonder, most companies hire accountants to handle the manual task related to payment collection.

If you want to eliminate the manual work involved in matching checks against respective invoices, simply integrate your Autotask with accounting software like QuickBooks. Integration allows your customers to make payments online easily. This in turn increases your chances of getting payment faster, in turn helping to improve cash flow.

Also, once the payments are made, your accounting software gets automatically updated. So by implementing Autotask integration, you really don’t have to ask customers to send checkbooks to make payments. Other benefits include ability to transfer and synchronize purchase orders and inventory from Autotask to accounting tool.

AutotaskPSA integrations with CRM tools like Salesforce can play a key role in streamlining your business operations. This will allow you to view customer related data in the Autotask interface. Moreover the data in both the systems will be in sync. This means any changes made in one system will be automatically updated in the other.

How CPQ Software can Resolve Issues associated with Complex Sales


Accuracy is Guaranteed

It is a known fact that complex sales are plagued with inaccuracy. Configuring a product means you need to have a sound knowledge of the permissible combinations. Also, maintaining those combinations in Excel Sheets can be extremely difficult, particularly when you are offering large number of product combinations. So quoting the right product configuration with the right pricing will definitely be plagued with errors. However, if you incorporate a CPQ software, you can create the correct product combination as well as offer the specified pricing and discounts accurately.

Quote in Minutes

Sales reps handling complex sales often complain about quote generation being a time consuming job. Manual quoting does take a lot of time (sometimes days) to produce a complex quote. No wonder, delay in providing a complicated quote is one of the most common problems faced by sales reps. However, you can make your sales reps’ lives easier by giving them access to Configure price quote software. The software tool will assist them to create some of the most complex quotes in minutes.

The CPQ tool is designed in such a way that data for quote creation is easily accessible and moreover available in real time. This saves a lot of time, thereby allowing your sales reps to generate higher number of quotes. Handling complex sales scenarios will no longer be a challenge for your sales reps.

Boosts Productivity

When fulfilling those complex quoting requirements, productivity is often the first casualty. Sales reps spend most of their time in quoting those complex configurations, which often leads to longer sales cycle. However, a Configure price quotesolution can give a major boost to their productivity. Automation through CPQ will allow them to have full control over the quoting process. As a result, it will make them more confident and successful while handling complex quoting needs.

Reduce Customer Wait Time for Quotation using Sales Quoting Software


Let’s accept it, customer hate waiting to receive a quote. So if you are going to make your customers wait for long, it can frustrate them to no end, eventually resulting in loss of sales. In simple words, long customer wait times for quotation are costly for your business. The key is to speed up the quoting process considerably so that the customer get the quote in minutes after giving RFQ.

Traditional methods of quoting that involve use of spreadsheets make the quotation process extremely time-consuming. So if you want to accelerate your quote generation process and close more business, it is time to automate the process and save time and money.

Automation through Salesquoting software can work wonders for your business. You no longer have to spend several minutes in order to creating a quote. Most organizations that use Excel sheets for managing quotes, spend at least 30 min to create quotes. However with this quoting tool which is commonly referred to as InstaQuote software, you spend only a few minutes to create and send the quote.

In fact with an ITproduct quoting software, you create quotes that have higher chance of getting accepted. This is because you are able to format quotes in an attractive and professional manner. Moreover, a fully automated quoting system allows you to create accurate quotes quickly no matter how complex they are.

The product catalog is directly connected to the quoting module. Hence, you have to only select and pick the product from the catalog and then add it to the quote. The quoting tool is an integrated module that gives you easy access to everything that is needed to create a quote. So even if quoting involves configuring a product, you are still able to produce and send quotes to the customer in a matter of minutes.

Maximize your Sales Team’s Productivity using Online Sales Quoting Software


Imagine your boss telling you that now you can manage your quoting activity from anywhere and further clarifying that there is no need to come to the office for creating and sending quotes. Sounds really weird? Isn’t it? Well, not really, if you are using an Online sales quoting software.

There is no doubt that on-premise quoting tools help to speed up the quoting process and enable you to prepare quotes within a span of few minutes. However since the software is installed and runs on office premises, it severely restricts access to users working in the office.

Even if need arises, it becomes extremely difficult to handle quoting process from outside the office. So in case you meet a prospect after office hours and he asks for a quote, you will have to go to the office for creating a quote. With work location severely restricted to on-site/in-office, it is bound to have a negative impact on your sales team’s productivity.

However, if you want the freedom and mobility to work from outside the office, it is time to use a Web quotations software. Just an Internet connection is needed to access all the information related to your quoting activity. As a result, an online quoting tool gives the flexibility to connect to your business from anywhere and anytime.

Just use your web-enabled laptop and do your quoting activity from anywhere including coffee shops, bookstores, libraries and at beach. You can access your distributor catalogs from anywhere that contain product information. This is one of the biggest advantages of Web quoting tools which can give a significant boost to your sales team’s productivity and efficiency. So irrespective of location, you can continue doing your quoting work as long as you are using a Web-enabled device.

On the whole, choose a cloud-based sales quoting software and give sales reps the flexibility they need to boost their productivity

How CRM Integration can Benefit your Business

Touching CRM

When the question arises ‘What is the best way to manage your leads, opportunities and customers’, the answer is unanimous: CRM software. The software tool has been successfully used to organize and keep a track of customer data. However, its use is not just restricted to customer information as perceived by many. In order to unlock the full potential of CRM, you need to integrate it with your ecommerce site. This way you can harness the power of CRM and grow your business.

Here’s how an integrated CRM can help to improve sales:

Access Lead Information from One Location

When you integrate your website with CRM software like Salesforce or Connectwise, it eliminates manual data entry and moreover any customer data entered through the website is automatically transferred into CRM without any delay. Data syncs bi-directionally between your CRM and ecommerce platform. For instance, if any visitor browsing your site downloads any ebook, information entered in ‘Contact Us’ form including company name and email-id will be automatically captured by CRM. Thus, with Salesforce or ConnectWise integration with your site, you can easily get lead information at one place to follow-up.

Know Buying Pattern

With Salesforce CRMintegration you know exactly what your prospect or existing customer is doing when he visits your site. For instance, you can find out which web pages visitors are clicking and what products they are frequently buying. In simple words, any action carried out by the visitor is recorded in real time. This will help to identify their interest in purchasing and accordingly you can devise strategies to get repeat business.

Send Targeted Messages

As aforementioned, an integrated CRM system enables you to track and gather your customers’ activity on your site. This can help you in sending more targeted messages, which is sure to give you better email marketing results.

On the whole, if you want to use CRM appropriately, make sure you connect it to your ecommerce platform and expect better revenue attribution.