Sales Quotation Best Practices To Create Phenomenal Conversions

Business owners, are you focusing on right channels that deliver higher conversion rates? Well, in the efforts to get new customers, ‘significant leveraging opportunities’ that are present in the existing marketing activities are often neglected and overlooked by the majority of business owners. Small businesses often win work by using sales quotation. However, the importance [ ]

Why VARS want Distributors to Integrate with their Business Management Platform?

16 aug businessman-drawing-social-network-on-virtual-screenThe biggest advantage of integrating with distributors is that it helps to speed up the quoting process. Simply put, integration allows VARS to receive distributor data feeds in real time. As you know, having ready access to distributor price list and inventory information is critical to create quickly and accurately. Say as a VAR, you have partnered with United Stationers and Office Supplies Wholesalers distributors. Now if you are loading their product catalog whenever there is a need to access latest product information, creating quotes can become an extremely time-consuming process.

However, you can simplify your quoting process by having established integrations with your distributors. For example, with United Stationers integration, you get real time access to product content coming from that distributor. Catalog information such as detailed product description, Manufacturer Name and Part No, product pricing and inventory availability, can be retrieved from within your business management platform in real time. Irrespective of how many distributors you are connected to, real time integration ensures that the latest data is available and easily accessible from one place.

There will never be any discrepancy between information available on distributor’s site and that shown in the catalog. It is accurate, available in real time, thereby leaving little margin for error when it comes to pricing and product availability. Information and purchase orders are accurate across your platform. Real time integration also allows you to place orders electronically and track shipments.

Ability to easily retrieve real time pricing and availability can work wonders to make your quoting process more streamlined and efficient. Quote creation becomes easier, faster and more accurate, which in turn can have a positive impact on your sales process. On the whole, real time distributor integration is the key to succeed in the ecommerce segment. It can certainly help to take your business to the next level.


Which is the Appropriate Sales Quoting Software for VARS

15 augAs we all know, quoting is an important part of sales process for VARS. VARS need to have quick access to updated product pricing and availability coming from multiple distributors so that it becomes easier to create quotes. Keeping this in mind, VARS need to choose a quoting software that comes with built-in catalog management functionality. This eliminates the need for a separate software tool to handle distributor catalogs.

The built-in catalog management feature allows VARS to connect distributor catalogs with their sales quoting tool. The feature combines catalog content coming from different distributors to create one unified catalog in a well-structured format. Viewing this catalog from within quoting tool allows VARS to know which distributor is selling which product and at what price. VARS can even compare products coming from each distributor and then choose an appropriate product to get higher margins.

For instance, as a VAR, you might have partnership with Avnet and Supplies Network distributor. The built-in catalog management tool supports real time Supplies Network integration. The tool aggregates product data from both these distributors to form a single catalog that is easy to understand and access. Moreover this Aggregated product catalog has XML integration with your quoting software. This means, you have real time access to product information and moreover you can send purchase order electronically to the distributors. Warehouse availability as well as pricing of products can be accessed in real time, which is crucial to create accurate quotes.

The built-in catalog management module within quoting platform supports real time Avnet distributor integration. So you can view latest product data from Avnet distributor in your quoting system.

On the whole, distributor catalogs integrated with your quoting tool will allow VARS to order items electronically from multiple vendor. For instance, VARS who are Synnex distribution partner can submit order electronically to this vendor.

What is sales quotation? definition, meaning, creation & presentation

According to Wikipedia A Sales Quotation allows a prospective buyer to see what costs would be involved for the work they would like to have done. Also referred to as a price quote, it is a document prepared by a potential seller in response to a request for quotation (RFQ) from a prospective buyer. Creating [ ]

Why to Use PunchOut Catalog

Online QuotingFor any supplier, a PunchOut catalog feature provides the best way to handle B2B transactions. Large customers as well as supplier find it easier to conduct business via PunchOut. In fact, such is the popularity of this feature that suppliers don’t stand a chance to reach B2B customer without PunchOut. No wonder, it is rightly said that to win big deals, it is imperative for suppliers to incorporate this feature into their business. This technology simplifies purchasing process, hence can play a crucial role to attract and grow B2B business.

One of the main advantages of Punchout protocol is that the customer no longer has to input login credentials to access his site. The protocol sets up a direction connection between the supplier’s product catalog and the customer’s procurement system. So even if the supplier’s site is remotely located, customers are able to access it from within their procurement system. Simply clicking the PunchOut link takes the customer directly to the desired site.

Customers commonly use Oracle’s iprocurement system for purchasing products. Using PunchOut, the supplier’s website content automatically loads into the Oracle iProcurement catalog.

Being a customized website is the biggest perk of a PunchOut catalog. The website is designed keeping the customer’s requirements in mind. All the product categories and sub-categories visible in the website are as per the specifications given by the customer. This means it will feature products, pricing etc., that are agreed and approved by both the user and the supplier. Users of SAP procurement system cannot view non-approved products into their SAP catalog.

PunchOut eliminates the tedious taking of wading through non-contract products. This considerably saves the customer’s time and effort in purchasing products. Creating non-contract purchase order would become a thing of the past. As a supplier, you are assured of getting accurate PO, which in turn speeds up the ordering process.

7 Tips on How to Research your Competition

Competitor analysis will give valuable insights about how VAR is performing against industry rivals. It will help you to identify opportunities and new industry trends that can help to improve your business revenue. Monitoring your competitors will help you to analyze your strengths and what aspect of your company needs improvement. On the basis of [ ]

Choose a Sales Quoting Software that Supports Distribution Integration

9 Aug pexels-photo-221185

Downloading and importing product files from distributors on a regular basis is an integral part of running a VAR business. These files contain all the product related data such as availability and pricing, which are required for preparing quotes. However, importing these files can be an arduous job depending upon the number of products and distributors that you are connected to.

For instance, let’s assume that you have partnered with a distributor, say Electrified Discounters. Now if Electrified Discounters catalog has over a thousand products, you can imagine how long it would take to get product information into your system. Moreover, in case you are connected to such 3-4 distributors, import process can indeed take a very long time.

If you want to simply your data import process, go for a sales quoting software that enables you to get product information from your distributors. This is possible when your distributor catalogs are integrated with your quoting tool. This distributor integration allows you to easily retrieve product data such as product details, Part No., Mfr. Name, Availability, MSRP/Cost and Price, directly into your system. Be it ASI distributor, Ingram Micro or Synnex, no matter what distributor you are connected to, integration gives a good sense of real time inventory.

Say good bye to importing product files as you have direct access to real time pricing and availability information from within your own quoting system. The sales quoting software comes with an intuitive and graphical user interface that allows you to search product by a specific criteria like Part Number, Category and Price. When you input the criteria, the relevant information from any distributor (say HP Partner Direct Distribution) required to create a quote is automatically retrieved and displayed on the interface. Also, you retrieve accurate up-to-the minute information, hence there can never be pricing errors in your quote.