How can you Benefit from Embracing PunchOut Technology


As a supplier, you might have been often asked by your suppliers to support PunchOut functionality. The reason is simple: It provides a convenient way for customers to browse through your catalog and place orders online. Most importantly, your customers can complete the transaction from within their procurement system.

Suppliers will benefit from PunchOutcatalog in the following way.

Drive Engagement

From the supplier’s standpoint, PunchOutcatalog solution feature, can play a critical role in improving customer loyalty. With this feature, your customers will be happier conducting business with your organization. Simply put, you make it easier for your customers to do business with you. For your customers, it gives a tailor-made shopping experience where the purchasing process is never time consuming. They are unlikely to leave you and go to your competitors. All this will translate into higher customer retention. So one can definitely say that this feature is extremely helpful to boost customer loyalty and enhance overall engagement.

Guarantees Order Accuracy

One of the biggest advantages of PunchOut SAP catalogsolution is that it ensures product and pricing compliance to contracts. This is because the connection provides accessibility only to pre-negotiated catalog. The catalog will contain customer specific products along with pre-approved pricing. Moreover, real time price and availability ensures that your customers have access to latest website content. This means you will never receive incorrect orders, which can contribute immensely in speeding up the ordering process.

Offer Customized Promotions

Every customer doing business with you has its own specific needs. Keeping this in mind, PunchOut Ariba catalog solution allows you to create customized promotions on the site, which are unique to individual customers and meet your specific marketing objectives. It can work wonders to increase your brand’s visibility. Moreover, you can also recommend customer specific accessories and services as well as display relevant up-sell and cross-sell products for each of your customers. As a result, you can expect better response from your customers and subsequently increase in sale.


Simplify your Quoting Process using CPQ Software


If you want to convert more quotes into deals, it is time to incorporate a CPQ solution into your business. It is surprising that sales reps are still configuring products and creating quotes using spreadsheets. This manual method of quote creation is suitable when you have less number of quotes to create every month. However, as your customer base increases, it will become tedious and difficult to prepare a configuration and put together into a quote. The quoting activity becomes horribly slow, leading to longer sales cycle. As a result, you are bound to lose business to your competitors who are using CPQsoftware.

CPQ tools are designed to give a major boost to sales productivity. Configuring a product irrespective of its complexity becomes far simpler with the usage of these tools. Your sales team will respond to RFQs with greater efficiency and productivity, thereby enabling them to create some of the most complex quotes quickly.

Creating a product configuration with specification errors is a common problem faced by sales reps. However, a Configure pricequote software ensures that you create configurations with predefined rules, leaving no scope for errors. Also, the component options that are given to you while creating a configuration are always compatible with each other. So the tool allows you to create a product with no pricing or configuration errors. Your ability to generate quotes quickly will speed up the sales cycle and keep your existing customers happy and satisfied as well as enable you to gain new customers.

Also, most CPQ tools are cloud-based and come with mobile quoting apps. This gives you the flexibility of choosing any internet-enabled device for quote creation. So you can use your personal computers, tablets and even smartphones to fulfill quoting requirements. These tools will allow you to create some of the most complex configurations on the run.

SEO Features to Look for when Choosing an Ecommerce Platform


Supports Keyword-Rich URL
Google identifies your Ecommerce platform and other HTML pages through URLs. So if you want to improve your site’s rankings, it is important that the site supports a keyword-rich URL structure. It must contain relevant keywords for search engines. If the URL is confusing and contains jargon, rankings are likely to drop and your site will go down. To avoid drop in rankings, make sure the platform you choose allows you to create URLs that are understandable, more readable and static. The URL structure should be such that the keywords appear right after your domain name so that the search engines identify what the page is all about.
Unacceptable URLs -à 4567,

Acceptable URLs—-à

Allows you to Edit every Single Page Title
The Ecommerce platformsolutions you choose should give control over page title at a more granular level. This will enable you to customize the title as well as the Meta tags of every web page as per your needs. A well-written Meta title will have a positive impact on the number of people clicking through to your site. So ensure that your ecommerce platform allows you to update all page titles and Meta tags whenever need arises.

Allows you to Setup 301 Redirects
301 Redirects is a command that provides a way to redirect Internet users to another page than the one they selected from a search engine results page. This feature is useful, particularly when you have removed or deleted pages from your site. So whenever your site visitors click on pages that have been removed, the feature will redirect user to another relevant page.

Search-Engine Friendly Site Structure
If you want to increase traffic to your sites, make sure your Ecommerce platforms are created using CSS or HTML. However, if you choose Flash, Ajax or JavaScript, the search engine will have a hard time crawling through your web pages. In short, the process of crawling becomes considerably inefficient, which can have a negative impact on your rankings. So avoid creating JavaScript-based website and ensure that the site is designed using CSS.

How Sales Team can Benefit from using CPQ Software


Reduces Length of Sales Cycle

One of the pre-requisites of speeding up the sales cycle is to create and send a quote to the customer as early as possible. However, if the quote to be created is a complex one involving configuration, it may take hours and even days to send a quote, thereby slowing down the entire sales cycle. This can have a negative impact on your potential sale. However, with a CPQsoftware, you can create some of the most complex configurations in a very short span of time. With the quoting process taking hardly any time to complete, you are in a position to close the deal faster.

Boost in Productivity

Productivity is the first casualty when handling a complex quote. Configuring a product in the right combination with no pricing errors is a mentally taxing job, which can have a negative impact on the performance of your sales team. A CPQ tool can help to resolve the issue. In fact, it has been proven beyond doubt that a Configure price quote solution helps to increase quote productivity by 33%. From automatically calculating the total sum to ensuring that the right product configuration has been created, CPQ does everything to ease your quoting process. The tool is designed in such a way that incompatible components are never bundled to form a product.

Operates on Any Device

Irrespective of the device you are using, it is possible to access and operate the software tool effortlessly. Configure pricequote software tools available are web-based, meaning any Internet-enabled device (laptop, desktop, mobiles) can be used to create a quote. So even from your smartphones, you can prepare and send the quote to the customer. Your customer too can select any product configuration and order it from any device. This kind of flexibility is particularly suitable for sales reps who are always on the run.