Keep your Customers Happy and Satisfied using Online Quoting System


When a prospect wants to know the cost of specific products, it is important that you create and send the quote as early as possible. Time is critical and so any delay in quote turnaround time can frustrate the prospect to no end. So if you are going to make your prospect wait for a quote, it can drastically reduce your chances of converting a prospect into a customer. The key to reduce customer wait time for quotations is to speed up the quoting process using an Online quoting system.

Reduce Quote Turnaround Time

You need to be quick when it comes to sending error-free quotes to prospects. You can achieve it using online quoting tools that enable you to create quotes in a few clicks. Create accurate, customized quotes in a matter of minutes. This can certainly help to keep your clients happy and coming back for return business. In short, your competition will slowly fade away when you start using these tools.

Impress your Customers

Being a cloud-based tool, InstaQuote software will give you the flexibility to use any Internet enabled device to create some of the most attractive quotes with your branding and logo. As a result, your quotes will resonate with your prospects and moreover allow you to differentiate among other competitors. Every industry has its own specific quote template, which can be easily created using this tool.

Control your Pricing

The prices at which you decide to sell products will differ from one customer to another. In other words, no two customers will be given products at the same pricing. These quoting tools allow you to create different markup and margins for every customer account. Be it discount or competitive pricing, you can decide what pricing strategy you want to adopt for every specific customer. So usage of sales quoting software will enable you to have complete control over product pricing.


Maintain your Catalog Content Efficiently with Ariba and PeopleSoft Catalog Solution


Are you looking for a procurement content solution provider that would enrich and simplify the process of maintaining catalog content? Well, you can completely rely on Ariba and PeopleSoft catalog solution. It comes with a user friendly interface, easy logins and many more features thereby ensuring fast user adoption. It is a robust catalog management solution that can be easily integrated with existing business systems to simplify the procurement process. Its easy-to-use interface makes it incredibly simple to upload supplier catalog.

As a supplier, no matter how many catalogs you have, you can easily manage their content efficiently with this procurement content solution. Updating catalog content is also not an issue as it can be done in a matter of minutes. So maintaining supplier catalog is never an issue when you use this catalog solution. Many suppliers who have deployed this catalog solution, have reported an improvement in catalog accuracy.

Also with this procurement content solution, suppliers that are authorized to supply products are only searchable, thereby enforcing compliance while purchasing products. So there is no question of customers buying products from non-approved suppliers. Also, on the basis of search criteria, buyers can create a list of preferred suppliers. Moreover, this catalog solution provides both Level 1 and Level 2 PunchOut, thereby helping to simplify the purchasing process.

PeopleSoft and Ariba catalog solution will enable you to create supplier catalog as per your needs. Irrespective of the number of SKUs or language your catalog supports, this catalog solution is ideal for quickly creating supplier catalog. So even if the supplier catalog contains enormous number of SKUs and is to be created in some of the most popular languages such as Chinese, German and Norwegian, you can always rely on this catalog solution. Both suppliers and buyers can depend on this catalog solution for their varied needs.

Sell Complex Products Faster with CPQ Solution


Sales efficiency and productivity are the first casualty when you are dealing with complex products. With so many parameters involved while creating a configuration as per the customer requirements, it can consume a substantial amount of time of your sales team, thereby leaving hardly any time for other activities. This can eventually have a negative impact on profitability and overall business revenue. If you are fed up of issues associated with selling complex products, it is time to automate the process with the help of a Configure price quote software.

If you want to easily improve CPQ efficiency and make selling process less time consuming, you can completely rely on this quoting software. Some of the most complex configurations can be designed quickly from scratch using this software tool. Configure price quote solution ensures that the components you add while preparing the product configuration are compatible with each other. So you are able to configure a customized solution with no compatibility issues between components.

Irrespective of the complexity of product configuration, the tool allows you to produce quotes with accurate pricing. The price is automatically calculated as per the pricing rules and formulas that have been put in place. The pricing strategy of that customer account is taken into consideration while determining the price of a product. Moreover, country-specific freight and other taxes are also automatically applied by the software while calculating the total sum. As a result you can fulfill some of the biggest orders effortlessly.

On the whole, if you are looking to turbocharge your configuration and quote generation process, make sure to deploy the power of CPQ software into your business. Despite having very little knowledge about the catalog, the tool will allow you to accurately configure price and quote faster, thereby contributing in speeding up the sales cycle and close more deals.

Level 2 PunchOut Catalog Explained


As we all know, Level 1 PunchOut catalog provides a better way for suppliers to communicate with their large customers. It establishes a direct connection between the supplier’s website and the customer’s procurement application. However Level 2 PunchOut provides a greater level of efficiency in conducting transactions. It delivers a superior shopping experience and is a better option, particularly when buyers are connected to multiple suppliers.

Level 1 and Level 2 PunchOut Catalog

In a normal cXML PunchOut (Level 1) process, the buyer clicks the PunchOut link located in the procurement system. Clicking the link takes him directly to the supplier’s website. The buyer can then search the product in the supplier’s catalog and then add to the shopping cart. So in Level 1 PunchOut, the buyer must reach out to PunchOut catalog for searching the desired products.

Level 2 SAP PunchOut eliminates the need to navigate to PunchOut catalog to search the product. Now the buyer can do the search without leaving the procurement system. The search tool of the procurement application can now be used to search the PunchOut catalog. So the PunchOut catalog products are now available in the search results page of the procurement system. This allows them to directly reach out to that specific product from the procurement application itself.

Thus, Level 2 Coupa PunchOut allows product or category accessibility directly from within the procurement application via its search functionality. The buyer can do the product search using the procurement system’s search functionality. This helps in speeding up the purchasing process and reduce errors.

B2B customers shopping via multiple suppliers will find Level 2 PunchOut capability particularly useful. They no longer have to navigate through multiple PunchOut catalogs and then search the product. Using the procurement system search tool, the buyer can now directly jump to any specific product of the PunchOut catalog.

Conventional or Cloud-based CPQ Software: Which is Better?


With a sales rep regularly traveling from one location to another in search of new leads and meeting existing customers, it doesn’t make sense to use a software tool that restricts their quoting activity within the confines of the four walls of the office. Conventional CPQ tool, which is an on-premise model installs and runs on computer will not allow you to take your quoting work beyond the 4 walls of the office. With traditional CPQ software tools, restricting your work to office space only, it can negatively affect the productivity of your sales reps.

If you are looking for a CPQ tool that offers anytime, anywhere quoting flexibility, then it is time to use a Web-based software. Cloud-based CPQ eliminate time consuming installations and gives you the opportunity to access it from any device connected to the Internet. This means any Internet-enabled device can work to handle your CPQ activity.

With the Configure price quote solution now available on any Internet enabled device, sales reps can configure a product, price it accurately and present the quote professionally on the go. The customer too can confirm a quote from any device. This can certainly help to speed up the sales cycle and take efficiency and productivity of your sales reps to a new level.

With cloud CPQ available from any device, your sales team will be in a position to close bigger deals faster. You can access your product catalog and create and sell some of the most complex offerings from your smartphones. You no longer have to carry your laptops to manage your CPQ process as it can be easily done from any mobile device such as tablets.

On the whole, when you want to configure solutions, manage pricing and prepare quotes conveniently from any device, choosing a cloud-based CPQ software would be a wise decision.