How VAR Business can Benefit from Using Software Tools

25 julyIf value added resellers (VARS) want to stimulate growth and increase revenue, they must use software tools that automate activities which are otherwise done manually. Automation is the key to add productivity and increase margins in VAR business. Some of the top companies depend on various software products to conduct their day-to-day transactions. Using appropriate software tools, VARS can definitely streamline their business, improve workflow and increase return on investment.

Following are the software tools that you should use to improve your VAR business:

Ecommerce Store

The rise in popularity of ecommerce has left experts thinking the necessity of a physical store. So in today’s digital age, it would be foolish if you are ignoring to setup an online store. Having an Online ecommerce store or large enterprise can surely take sales to the next level. With just an Internet connection to their device, shoppers can order from anywhere. With ecommerce store available 24/7 and consumers finding it convenient to shop online, you can definitely generate new business and increase cash flow if you go online.

CPQ Software

You become horribly inefficient when you use Excel sheets for preparing complex configurations. It is time to replace those Excels with Configure price quote software, which can bring efficiency into your configuration process and simplify the job of creating complex quotes. This Sales quoting software will allow you to create configurations with ease, despite having very little knowledge about product catalog.

CRM Software

Incorporating best CRM system for small business into your business can work wonders to boost productivity and profits. With this software tool, you can know your customers, understand their needs and preferences in depth. All this contributes in increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. This positive word-of mouth from existing customers can help build a good reputation about your business which can result in improvement in sales.



Increase Productivity by Using Sales Quoting Software

Are you fed up of calling your vendors to know updated pricing? Are calculations using Excel Sheets draining your energy? Is finding and fixing errors in quotes becoming tedious? If you have answered ‘Yes’ to all of the questions, it is time to switch to a better option – Sales quoting software. The software tool is a one-stop solution to resolve all your issues associated with manual quoting.

Using this tool, creating quotes – irrespective of their complexity or difficulty – is a breeze. It makes your quoting process so easy that you take at the most of 5-10 minutes to prepare and send the quotes to the customer. So by just spending a few minutes, you can quickly create quotes, you can also focus on other activities that are in the best interest of your company.

As a user of IT product quoting software, you have direct access to vendor catalog. So no spending time endlessly in calling vendors or browsing through their sites in order to get updates. Within a few clicks you can access and add products with the right pricing from the vendor catalog. Moreover, once all the products are added in the catalog, the tool automatically calculates the correct sum including all the relevant taxes that are applicable to the transaction. So there is no reason why using the tool wouldn’t maximize your productivity.

Also, with most providers of quoting tools offering cloud-based solution, it further accelerates the quoting process. With Internet connectivity at your disposal, the information required to create quotes is accessible 24/7 regardless of your location or platform. This flexibility of Online sales quoting tools that make quoting data available from any location and device of your choice can ease your job further and ensure that the quotes are delivered quickly to the customer.

On the whole, whether you are an expert or a novice, you are sure to find quoting tools useful for your business. These tools will definitely streamline your quoting process and improve your sales performance.

Reduce your Quote Turnaround Time from 30 min to 5 min using Online Quoting Software

9 marchWhen done manually using Spreadsheets, turnaround times for most quote requests takes at least 30 minutes to a maximum of few hours. So when you have to fulfill large no. of quote requests, it will take days to complete the task through manual quoting. Long quote turnaround times can leave the customer frustrated and dissatisfied, forcing him to take the help of your competitors.

For a fast turnaround time, you can always rely on Online sales quoting tools. Using these tools, putting together a quote is so simple that you take not more than 5 minutes to complete the task. The tool is easy to use as it comes with point and click interface. Moreover, the supplier catalog that stores product details is directly integrated with the quoting tool. This means within a few clicks, you can add the right product into the quote.

As far as pricing calculations are concerned that includes taxes, discounts and profit margins, it is automatically handled by the software tool. As a result, calculations are never susceptible to human error. So one can say that the Online quoting system allows you to present the quote quickly and accurately. The tools shorten your sales cycle, making your sales team more efficient and more productive.

Apart from being user friendly, these Quotation software tools are convenient to use as they can be operated from any device that is connected to the Web. So whether you use a desktop, laptop or a smartphone, it really doesn’t matter as long as it is connected to the Internet. So you can quote anytime, from anywhere, thereby further reducing the turnaround time.

On the whole, quick quote turnaround time is the key to succeed in VAR business. With quoting tools, you inject speed and accuracy into your quoting process, which contributes in overall sales productivity and business revenue.

3 Indicators that show you need to Adopt a Sales Quoting Software

T-46Has your quoting process become a headache for you? Is quote creation consuming a lot of your energy and time? Has sales taken a dip because you are finding it difficult to manage quotes? If the answers to all these questions is yes, it is time to automate the process using a quoting tool. Similarly, if your proposal process is time taking, it is time to use a Proposal software.

Following are the 3 main indicators that suggest you switch over to a quoting tool for your quote management:

Poor Appearance

Quotes that are generated manually do not impress the customers. This is because manual quoting fails to give a professional appearance to the quote. Sales reps in manual quoting have a predefined template for quote creation but the template is often modified to accommodate the varied quoting requirements. As a result, the quotes do not appear consistent and can drive customers away.

Whereas, Sales quoting software tools produce quotes that are attractive and visually appealing, which make you stand out from the competition. You can also add a customized logo of your company in the quote, so every quote that the customer receives is consistent and professionally designed.

Bad Win Rates

Manual quoting being a time-taking activity, sales reps will have a hard time closing deals. Using spreadsheets means your sales reps have to work longer and harder to generate quotes. With lot of time and energy spent in the quoting process, it slows down your quote response time, which can have a negative impact on their ability to close more sales.

On the other hand, people who have been using these software tools observe significantly shorter sales cycle followed by increase in win rate. The main reason being they are available on cloud. Cloud-based quoting tools, also known as Online quoting systems, require no installation and allow you to quote from anywhere as long as your device is connected to the Internet. These tools automate the quoting process, hence you are able to generate large number of quotes in less time, which contributes in closing more deals.

No Visibility into the Sales Flow

Apart from the manual bottlenecks, maintaining a track of sales process becomes difficult. For instance, a sales rep closes a deal but the rest of the team is unaware of the items sold. The organization has trouble keeping track of all orders. There is no proper flow of data from sales quotes and order to invoicing. Moreover, you spend a lot of time in re-entering information in other system such as CRM and ERP.

If you are using a quoting tool, it will give complete visibility into your sales process. It will allow you to keep track of your entire sales cycle effortlessly. The tool can also integrate with your existing system to ensure seamless flow of data between different systems.

How CPQ software helps improve Sales?

woman-13 marchIn today’s competitive world, every one of us is struggling to win. Let’s face it. This is the fact. Every one of us wants to succeed. Every business needs quality customer service to retain existing clients and grab the attention of new ones.

Keeping your customers happy is prime consideration nowadays, and CPQ software is the solution for all your worries. Research shows that adopters of Configure Price Quote Software enjoy improved customer retention and sales.

A business of selling products that can be upgraded or customized simply spells a lot of selling opportunities. However, in today’s competitive edge, with abundant market supplies, it is essential to seal the deal without delay.  If you are not fast enough, there is the risk of losing business to a competitor featuring similar offers and competition might steal your deal. So finding appropriate configure price quote solution is a must to stand ahead in the competition.

What should be the key focus of your sale’s staff? The answer is obviously selling. Then why to make them spend hours in creating proposals, building configurations, and pricing orders. It is time to automate time-consuming configuration and pricing processes. By using CPQ software solution sellers can get a larger portion of their time with customers. If your partners and reps are not able to quote on their own 100 percent of the time, then it needs many people to get involved.  By using CPQ, companies can let their resources concentrate on the most valuable work, as the software solution handles all pricing and product rules.  This will help your sellers to meet with more leads daily. This also means more sales opportunities with increased quote volumes. All of us are now aware of the importance of the value of an upsell. An example of McDonald’s will make it clearer. They brought the idea of asking for French fries, and it worked very well. Both seasoned and new reps benefit with up and cross-sell suggestions all the way through the quoting process.   CPQ software solution makes it easy to increase the deal value.

Tedious, manual spreadsheet-based configuration processes mean there are lots of chances for the seller to make a mistake. With CPQ software solution, organizations can automate time-consuming aspects of the configuration process, and thus it becomes easier to overcome the problem of errors. In other words, it helps to eliminate errors while configuring complex products.

Using CPQ software, you can simplify complex quotes, take orders fast and minimize the number of quote revisions. In this way, you can have improved accuracy with increased sales win rates with an efficient sales quoting software.

All in all, CPQ is a great software solution. So, start your endeavor to determine if you need it and get ready to take advantage of this software now.

Make your Quoting Process more impactful with Sales Quoting Software

14 pexels-photo-251225Do you want to deliver winning proposals and close the deals faster?  Certainly, providing timely and precise pricing for customers often makes the difference between a winning closed deal and closed-lost deal. It also helps gain loyalty and satisfaction which leads to escalated sales growth and long-term relationships.

Are you tired of frustration because of writing proposals and then wondering if you did it correctly?

What would you do if you get impressive and professional quotes for your customers’ consideration that too featuring rich images and content and complete technical specifications ready in just a few minutes?

If you are one of those who love your work and want to spend more time focusing on it, then proposal software will let you be stress-free and close deals quickly.

Web-based sales quoting software is an invaluable tool that lets you present your business in the best possible way. The tool only needs minutes for quote creation and thus helps simplify the sales process. Thus, it provides a convenient and effective way to communicate with your customers and improve sales. This also helps to boost productivity.

Web quotations software helps you maximize your potential sell-through in a very simple way. In addition to this, such software brings Inventory and Real-time price information from multiple distributors in a single location. Thus, you are more likely to have a winning proposal as you get much more information to prepare a Sales Quote. Another benefit of web-based Sales Quoting Software is no matter whether you are at customer’s location or home/office or in your corporate headquarters, you can get the product information and create a sales quote is just a few minutes in a few clicks. Furthermore, your customers can view and approve the quotes online. Thus, the entire sales quoting process becomes simple and fast, as you can create, send and manage sales quotes effectively.

Lots of IT product quoting software options are out in the market today. If you are wondering, which one to choose, then go for a reliable option that features simple, sophisticated and a user-friendly User Interface. This will make it easy for you to create even the most complex sales quote. In addition to this, you can look for the software that includes the following feature:

  • Create manifold versions of the same Sales Quote
  • Send Quote in PDF/HTML format
  • Add Upsell, Cross sell suggestions to the quote
  • Save/ Edit /Copy / Print Quotes easily

Some software also features a range of built-in templates which lets you create a variety of customized quotes. This will surely give a whole new level of engagement. Thus, you can create quotes that will reflect professionalism. Such impressive quotes are likely to translate into improved sales.

The days are gone of manual quoting, where your customer has to wait for hours and sometimes days to get a quote from you. Now, it is easy to respond to quote requests quickly in an easy yet impressive way.

So, why to waste time? Get ready to boost your productivity with quotes that look professional, features all correct and updated details and increase chances of sale while building client confidence in your business now.

Why Sales Quoting Software is a Game Changer for Value Added Resellers (VARS)

PSA softwareIt is rightly said that the Sales quoting software is the right tool for today’s growing VAR business. It gives the speed and accuracy to your quoting process, which you need to survive in a highly competitive VAR environment. Gone are the days when people were using excel spreadsheets and spending hours in generating quotes. With this tool, you can take your quoting tool online and expect business growth at a faster rate.

Here’s how this software tool can take your quoting process to the next level and beat the competition:

Automates your Quoting Process

Quoting becomes a lot simpler when you use these software tools. You save time and create quotes faster than ever, thanks to their point and click interface. You have to just follow a few steps in order to prepare quotes. The distributor catalog is directly connected to the quoting tool. Hence selecting and adding the right products is never a time-taking job. Total amount along with the taxes is also automatically calculated by the tool. So with minimum amount of time spent in quote creation, your sales team becomes more productive in carrying out their day-to-day tasks.

Accept Payments Online

These Web quotation software tools are also connected to payment gateways, which allows you to accept payments online. It allows you to quickly charge your customer’s credit/debit card with the purchase your customer makes online. Thus, it offers a new level of convenience to VARS and customers alike. It drastically decreases the time it takes your business to get paid.

Electronic Approval of Quotes

When your customer receives quotes online, they can approve quickly through e-signature. So with these Online quoting systems, customers don’t have to send any documentation work in the form of fax, scan or print for approval. This helps to eliminate any bottlenecks associated with documentation and speed up the sales cycle. Accelerating the sales cycle helps to close deals faster, win more customers and generate more revenue.