Ways to Increase B2B Ecommerce Sales

23 online-shopping-ecommerce-ss-1920-1024x576Since a major chunk of revenue comes from B2B sales, focusing on B2B opportunities is very important in order to increase revenue from Online ecommerce store. If you have invested in ecommerce, make sure you make B2B buying and selling simpler. At the same time, you need to cut down your overhead cost of your online business.

Following are the strategies that you need to implement in order to increase B2B sales.

Cut Operational Expenses

You might be using a sophisticated B2B ecommerce platform to give a personalized shopping experience to your customers. This can help to increase B2B sales. However, often the cost associated with sales process has a negative impact on revenue and sales. To reduce cost, you need to streamline supply chain distribution process. To achieve this, you need to implement integrated supply chain methods. Moreover, manage your inventory effectively; avoid overstock.

If you are selling on multiple channels, it makes sense to use a multi-channel ecommerce platform as it allows you to manage your business with minimum effort from one place. It helps to streamline operations from purchase to fulfillment, thereby allowing you to handle your operations more efficiently. All this contributes in lowering costs and increasing sales.

Allow Purchase without Registration

If you want to get more business from B2B customers, the first thing you need to do is simplify their purchasing process. This can be achieved by getting rid of mandatory registrations. ‘Register to purchase’ link can kill your purchases. Filling up the registration details can be a time taking task, particularly for B2B customers as they also have to fill the company information. So avoid that compulsory registration technique as it can deter B2B customers from buying.

Offer Live Chat Support

Studies have shown that providing live chat support can be a game changer for B2B resellers. Research has proved that offering Live chat feature has increased conversion rate, improved average order value by 15 and moreover decreased shopping cart abandonment rate. This features allows you to answer all their queries in real time. You can resolve their buying related issues immediately. As a result, this can speed up their buying decision. No wonder, this functionality has shown to have a positive outcome on B2B sales.


Why to Choose a Customized Ecommerce Platform

17 basketIf you are looking for an ecommerce platform to start and effectively manage your online business, make sure you choose one that comes with customization options. The growing popularity of some of the most commonly used ecommerce solutions is mainly because they are infinitely customizable.

Here’s why using a customized Ecommerce platform is the need of the hour:

Increase in Sales

A custom solution will allow you to design the site the way you want; showcase the products in the best possible way and moreover you can make your checkout process easier. In short, you can add new features and functionalities into your site so as to make your online business stand out. All this can give your visitors and customers a unique shopping experience which can help in increasing conversion rate.

Integrates Easily with your Existing System

In the long run, you may want to use a CRM system for small business or large enterprise to get a better understanding of customer needs. Standalone CRM or other non-integrated system can lead to double entry and data entry errors. So in order to avoid these time consuming activities, it is imperative that the software tools integrate with each other perfectly. Integration issues are unlikely to occur if you are using a customized ecommerce platform. You can easily connect your custom site with third-party tools such as CRM and ERP system. This is one of the major advantages of custom development which ensures seamless flow of data between different systems.

SEO Tailored to your Business Needs

Choosing an SEO friendly platform is critical to ensure that your store ranks higher on search engines. Most Online ecommerce solution packages come with the most basic SEO features that have lot of limitations. For instance, generic SEO features might not allow you choose different keywords for header tags and page URLs. Customizing page URLs as per the requirement is also not possible. So in order to overcome these limitations go for a customized ecommerce platform. Such platforms come with SEO capabilities that can tailored to meet your online business.


How CRM Software can help Improve your Ecommerce Business

12crmNo matter what type of ecommerce platform you are using, if you aren’t using a CRM, believe me you are making a big mistake. This is because a CRM system that allows you to store data centrally and present it in an easy-to-follow format can make it easier to do your online business. It can play a very important role to attract, nurture and retain customers.

Here’s how this software tool can improve your online business.

Convert Abandoned Carts into Sales Opportunities

A recent study has shown that shopping cart abandonment is a major issue among online retailers. A CRM system connected to your site helps to gather information about open carts. Information from CRM system for small business and large enterprises, can be filtered to get data about abandoned cart. You can access this information and then decide what follow-up strategy can be decided so as to convert it to a sale. For instance, you can make a call or send an email to encourage conversion.

Allows your Sales Team to Focus on Selling

If you want your sales team to spend a major part of their time in selling, then using a CRM is a must. This software tool makes it easier for your sales team to manage your leads, opportunities and customers. It helps them to prioritize their tasks and activities. As a result, they can spend more time on their main task, which is selling. They are able to focus on key prospects, handle more number of customers and close more deals.

Know what your Customers Really Need

CRM’s tracking tools help you to give a better understanding of what your guests and customers do on your store. For instance, you can track their buying behavior and shopping patterns and accordingly decide the most effective strategy to improve conversions. These tracking tools can also tell the least and most popular products on your site.

Overall, apart from choosing the right B2C or B2B ecommerce platform, make sure to get a CRM solution that is tailored to suit your business needs.

3 Ecommerce Mistakes to Avoid

28 march 2017

As we all know, the primary aim of starting an ecommerce site is to improve the business by reaching out to more number of buyers. Besides using the right B2B ecommerce software, conversion is critical to succeed in any online business. Visits not turning into results you need indicates mistakes with the design, layout and functionality of your site.

If you want to increase your online sales, make sure the mistakes given below are not visible on your ecommerce store.

Not Showing Stock Availability

When a visitor lands on the product’s detail page, it is important that the site also shows whether the stock is available or not. Showing the item ‘out of stock’ after the visitor clicks on the ‘Checkout’ button or the ‘Buy Now’ button can be hugely disappointing for the visitor. This can have a negative impact on sales in the long run. So make sure you display either ‘In Stock’ or ‘Out of Stock’ on the page. Also display stock quantity text such as only 3 items on the page.

Linking Product Pages on Home Page to Category Pages

Visit any ecommerce store and you will find that images of the most in-demand products are prominently displayed on the homepage. However clicking on any of these images takes you to category page of that product. Although this practice provides a wider degree of exposure to category pages, it can be annoying for visitors. Visitors who click the product images on homepage would appreciate if they are redirected to product details page. Redirecting to category page can make the visitor lose interest in the product, thereby increasing the chances of losing the sale.

Not Using Pagination for your Ecommerce Site

Avoid using unpagination (infinite scrolling) as it may lead to drop in sales. Limitless scrolling can be perplexing as the visitor may have difficulty in handling such vast amount of information.  Endless scrolling also means that the page will load tons of images, which can make the browser slower and slower and finally crash. Such issues may occur frequently, which in turn will reduce the usability of the site.

Connecting your ecommerce with CRM software for small business is important as it will help you to track sales and access customer information from one place. It will help to monitor buying habits and return patterns of customer and accordingly you can make changes in your business to improve revenue.

On the whole, apart from hiring the right B2C ecommerce services, make sure your site is user friendly so that customers can easily access it and find what they are looking for.

How can you Encourage Customer Loyalty in B2B Ecommerce

images 15 feb 2017

Customer loyalty is the single most important factor for business growth. This is particularly true for B2B customers who have a huge impact on business revenue. So holding on to B2B customers becomes imperative in order to prevent profits from declining. Increasing customer lifetime value (CLV) is not that difficult if you implement the right strategies.

Following are the ways by which you can increase customer loyalty in B2B ecommerce:

Offer a Great B2B Shopping Experience

Making their shopping experience extremely convenient and enjoyable is critical to strengthen relationship with B2B customers. Apart from using the right B2B ecommerce software, you need to provide the right ‘site search tools’ to make finding products easier. Users should be able to browse and search products with ease. Also provide rich product information (tech specs, product reviews and image zoom) which helps to create a more engaging shopping experience for consumers. Offering PunchOut capabilities can also make it easier for B2B buyers to shop through your site.

Value their Opinion

Any customer issues need to be addressed at the earliest. If you want to boost customer loyalty, you simply cannot afford to ignore their issues, opinions, and advice related to your site. You need to listen and address their customer specific needs, which can vary from adding new features to the ecommerce store to making the checkout process quick and easy. So your response to addressing customer concerns should be second to none, which is considered to be one of the best customer retention tactics.

Give Personalized Interactions

Similar to B2C ecommerce services, offering exclusive deals to your business buyers can have a positive impact on their loyalty. So provide discount offers and I am sure you will receive a lot of appreciation from your B2B customers. Moreover, you can assign a dedicated sales rep for every B2B customer. The sales rep can act as a single point of contact to address their business needs. Providing such personalized services can also help to cultivate loyalty among your customers.

Also use a CRM system for small business, which will help you understand your customers better thereby allowing you to anticipate their needs and develop products and services that make sense.

On the whole, building customer loyalty is all about making your business stand out from the competition. Providing high quality products and excellent customer service by resolving their issues promptly can help customers differentiate your business from others and boost brand loyalty.

How VARStreet’s Real Time Integration with Distributors can Benefit VARs?

integrationVARStreet is one of the most popular and reliable ecommerce and sales quoting platform among VARs (value added resellers) of all sizes. Among its many features that make VARStreet ecommerce solution so popular is its ability to integrate with distributors in real time. This feature ensure that VARStreet resellers get information from distributors in real time through VARStreet platform. This is indeed a very useful feature that resellers connected to VARStreet platform can take advantage of.

Real Time XML Integration

Currently, VARStreet has real time XML integration with the following distributors:

Following are the benefits, VARStreet resellers can reap from VARStreet’s real time integration with these distributors:

Resellers can place Orders Electronically

Real time integration supports electronic ordering, the most efficient way of placing orders with distributors. Studies have shown that systems that handle electronic ordering speeds up the turnaround time of transactions. Electronic ordering essentially streamlines the ordering process. It saves substantial amount of time in the order process. The ordering process is faster and more efficient. The electronic data interchange between trading partners has fewer errors and is devoid of monotonous repetitive tasks.

Resellers can know Product Pricing and Inventory in Real Time

This is another very important advantage of having real time integration with distributors. Has the pricing of the product changed at the last minute? Is the product available with the distributor? All this you can know in real time. In short the information that you receive from distributor is updated to the minute. You don’t have to wait for a day or two to get the latest product related information from the distributor. So if you are connected to VARStreet, your product catalog will receive real time pricing and availability from all major distributors including Ingram Micro.

 Resellers Get Order Status in Real time

This is yet another benefit of real time integration with distributors. No matter with how many distributors you are connected to, real time integration ensures that you access order status in real time from multiple distributors. Real time order status gets updated every 30 seconds in VARStreet platform. So once you send purchase order electronically to the distributors, you can access their order status at a click of a mouse. Order status such as shipped, backordered, cancelled, invoiced or already delivered can be viewed in real time through VARStreet platform.

Resellers can take Timely Informed Decisions

Real time access to inventory and product pricing keeps you better informed and moreover at the time of creating quotations and purchase orders, you can make more accurate, faster decisions. Real time visibility will allow you to sell products more efficiently to your customers.

VARStreet platform comes with a host of features that can help you to leverage advantages of real time integration with distributors. So the next time you want to integrate with your distributors in real time, VARStreet should be your first choice.


What makes an eCommerce Website Perfect for Customers


Ecommerce provide a great opportunity for retailers to expand their business and increase customer base. Doing business online has many advantages. For instance, the e-store is open for buying/selling 24/7, 365 days a year. You can buy products from the comforts of your home. Although the future of ecommerce looks promising, the ecommerce site needs to have certain characteristics or features that will make the customers want to visit your site again and again. In other words, the customer should feel that this site is the best choice for buying products online. Following are the traits of an ecommerce site that make it perfect for customers.

Fast Page Load Times

It is observed that yearly the ecommerce industry loses $1.1 to $1.3 billion on slow load times. Visiting a slow-loading website is quite frustrating for customers, which compels them to move away to some other website. So, if you want to make your website ecommerce friendly, you got to make your site insanely fast. Making a visually appealing website will not attract customers, unless you create a fast loading website.

The point is shrinking page load times is crucial for the success of any ecommerce business. Ideally speaking, a web page should have a loading time of less than 3 seconds. High web page load times substantially increase the risk of losing customers. So ensure that you make your website load faster.

No Issues Related to Product Findability

Product findability is another aspect that cannot be ignored when starting an eCommerce business. One cannot forget that the ‘find’ feature is the first step in the buying process. So facilitating easy findability is one of the pre-requisites for making an online store platform perfect for customers.

If the customer is unable to find for what he is looking for, then starting an ecommerce site is a big waste of time and money. So the ecommerce navigation should be as customer-friendly as possible, which will ensure that your online shoppers are able to locate the desired product quickly. In short, customers should be able to access relevant product page as easily as possible. Improving product findability can contribute immensely to increase conversion rates. On the whole, the products should be easily searchable and manageable.

Mobile-Friendly ecommerce Site

According to IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, 50% of overall online U.S. retail traffic comes from mobile devices. Also, Google on April 21, 2015 has rolled out the mobile-friendly update, according to which non-mobile sites will be severely penalized and lose their rankings in search results. Considering the increasing use of mobile devices for online shopping and to prevent sites disappearing from top search results, it is imperative that your ecommerce has a mobile-friendly design.

Also there has been a drastic change in shopping habits of online customers. Today a customer wants to purchase items anytime they want and a smart phone with an internet access provides an easy opportunity to fulfill it. So make sure you develop a mobile responsive version of your ecommerce platform.

Offer Different Payment Options

If you want to make your ecommerce website perfect for customers, make sure your website integrates with different but secure payment processing services. However, in case you offer just one payment option during the checkout process, there is a high probability that you will lose the customer. Although credit card is a common payment method in ecommerce, you should provide other payment gateways such as Debit card, online payment services such as PayPal, cash on delivery, cheques, and money orders. Make sure your customer knows the different payment methods your website is offering. For that, you need to display icons that reflect the payment methods you are providing on every web page.

Effective Site Search Function

If you want to improve sales and ensure high conversion rates, you need to provide a site search option that allows visitors to easily find for what they are looking for. Effective site search functionality that gives results quickly contributes immensely in improving customer experience. A fast & intelligent ecommerce site search will surely improve customer loyalty and satisfaction. All this results in increased site usage as customers are able to search products more easily.

Also visitors should not face a hard time in finding the search box. The search box should stand out and be placed in a noticeable location near the top of the page on the right or left side of your ecommerce site.

Offer Online Chat Assistance

Many times customers browsing through the ecommerce site have questions regarding the product and payment process which if unanswered often causes abandonment of shopping carts. In order to answer their questions immediately, your ecommerce website should provide an online chat support. This acts like an immediate help and studies also show that customers tend to purchase more after chats.

According to Kyle Therriault, VP of Internet Strategy & Business Development at AutoAccessoriesGarage.com, from the sales side, customers who use LiveChat on our site are 4.85 times more likely to make a purchase and their per-session value is almost 400% higher than the site average. Considering this fact, it makes sense to add a live chat service to your ecommerce site.

Lower Shipping Charges

Customers will always look for ecommerce sites that have lower shipping costs. So you need to keep your shipping charges down in order to attract customers. No matter how customer friendly your ecommerce site is, your customers will turn away if you are providing services at high shipping cost.

Registration should be Optional

Your e-commerce store software should provide the option of purchasing items without registration. It’s a fact that customers don’t like to create an account when purchasing products. Forcing the customer to register will increase the rate of shopping cart abandonment, which is a cause for great concern in the ecommerce industry. So your e-commerce shopping cart software should provide the facility to your customers to checkout as a guest. Providing this option will definitely improve the checkout experience and reduce cart abandonment.