Increase your Sales with Salesforce QuickBooks Integration

Salesforce QuickBooks Integration

When it comes to generating financial data accurately, one can always rely on QuickBooks accounting software. Also, when it comes to managing interactions of current and future customers, Salesforce CRM is the first choice. No wonder, small and large companies use both these software systems to streamline their business processes. However, if you want your sales team to work faster, implementing Salesforce QuickBooks integration is recommended. Using them as a standalone system will actually impede their productivity.

If you want to get a 360 degree view of your business, it is advised to integrate Salesforce with QuickBooks. With integration, you gain complete visibility into your business processes and moreover identify areas where there is scope for improvement. It will allow you to scale and grow your business effortlessly. Your team will have important information at their fingertips, thereby allowing them to work smarter and more efficiently.

Generally, the sales team has access only to customer data. However, Salesforce integrations with accounting tool means your sales team can also access financial data without even interacting with the finance department. Integration will help to track expenses and allow your team to better forecast sales and revenue. It completely removes departmental barriers and ensures clear communication between different departments. It also improves cash flow as our team can easily generate invoices from quotes and opportunities in Salesforce. Also, the finance department can generate sales order, sales receipt and even purchase order in QuickBooks.

Also, pairing QuickBooks with CRM software completely eliminates double data entry between the two systems. For instance, you have to enter customer data just once in Salesforce, which is automatically updated in QuickBooks. Moreover, data flow is bi-directional, meaning data updated in one software application is reflected in the other system in real time. So say goodbye to errors arising from manual and double data entry.


Maximize your Sales with Ariba PunchOut

Maximize your Sales with Ariba PunchOut

As a supplier, if you want to keep your B2B customers happy, it is important to make their purchasing process as simple as possible. So if your aim is add convenience to their buying process, stay away from implementing CIF catalog. A CIF catalog is a nightmare when it comes to changing catalog content. Updating CIF catalog is extremely time consuming and make take days to make changes available to the B2B customer.

An Ariba PunchOut technology gives you the flexibility that you are looking for in order to retain B2B customers. With this technology, you can create a personalized shopping experience which is the key to encourage your customers to come back for purchase. As a supplier, you can display product pricing and inventory as per customer requirements. To be more precise, the PunchOut catalog can be designed as per the individual needs of B2B buyer. This is extremely convenient for the buyer as he doesn’t have to waste time in browsing through the entire supplier catalog to purchase a product.

Moreover with PunchOut functionality, any changes made in catalog content are instantly available to the B2B buyer. Ariba PunchOut catalog allows you to display real time pricing and availability to customers. As a result, customers always have access to latest content, leaving no scope for errors in ordering products. The purchase order created by your B2B buyer will never contain non-contract products or products with outdated pricing. No wonder, order accuracy increases tremendously as buyers are able to order products using updated inventory.

All in all, with Ariba PunchOut, you create buyer specific catalog, provide a tailored experience so that your B2B buyers can conduct transactions effortlessly in a hassle-free manner. So if you are serious about streamlining the ordering or fulfillment process of B2B customers, it is time to make your website PunchOut ready.

Features to Look for in an Ecommerce Software

Features to Look for in an Ecommerce Software

Multiple Sales Channel

You simply cannot depend on your website visitors to increase sales. In order to maximize exposure of your products and gain access to wider customer base, ensure that the ecommerce software allows you to sell products through multiple channels.

Multi-channel selling is advantageous and critical to ecommerce growth. The ecommerce platform should allow you to target customers on various online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. There are quite a few ecommerce solutions that allow you to export product catalog to these popular sites, which can work wonders to boost business growth. So if you are serious about increasing product visibility and increase sales, choose a multi-channel ecommerce platform.

Efficient Inventory Control System

Surely, you want to avoid overselling, out-of-stock scenarios and upsetting customers. Failing to keep track of stock counts can be detrimental to your business. To avoid such a situation, make sure the ecommerce software you choose comes with an effective inventory control system. The system allows you to view stock visibility in real time. The inventory levels of your online store should be updated in real time as orders are processed. To be more specific, the inventory should be updated automatically across all your selling channels.


How will you keep track of your business performance? How will you know that your business is doing well? To answer these questions, you need to finalize an ecommerce software that comes with Reporting feature. Reporting is critical to make better business decisions that help to increase profits. In other words, it should allow you to generate various type of reports that give a 360 degree view of your business performance. Reports related to sales, marketing, stock and purchase should be readily available as and when required. These reports will help you to identify whether your business is progressing in the right direction.


Your ecommerce software should integrate seamlessly with other software applications including Sales management platform that is designed to simplify your sales process. Integration is critical to eliminate duplicity and ensure smooth flow of data between systems.

Features to Look for in a CPQ Software


CPQ software tools have been mainly used in the manufacturing industry for creating different configurations. However, with the passage of time, their usage has extended to other industry sectors as well including medical, telecom and insurance. Many companies from different sectors are now using CPQ software to fulfill their quoting needs.

As an owner of a product-based company, look for the following features when choosing a CPQ tool.


Buying a deeply customizable CPQ software is critical to grow your business. Since you are into the business of selling product configurations, you will be creating highly customizable products for your respective customers. Buyers, particularly have greater expectations when it comes to customization. So make sure the CPQ tool you choose allows you to prepare quotes for your highly customizable products while keeping the various configuration and pricing rules in mind.


You have purchased CPQ solution to speed up your quoting process and eliminate customer wait time. So ensure that the software tool allows you to create quotes instantly even for the most complex products. Also, you don’t want to spend days in training your staff on how to use the tool. This is possible only when the software comes with easy-to-use configuration tools. Increased productivity and sales can be achieved only when the tool is easy to use and enables your team to create quotes quickly.

Off-line Functionality

It is highly recommended to buy a cloud-based Configure price quote software, which allow you to create quotes from any device that is connected to the Internet. However, when Internet connectivity goes away, you will have no option but to stop your quoting activity. To avoid such a situation, make sure the CPQ tool comes with off-line functionality. There are quite a few tools that work offline even without Internet connection. In off-line mode, you can store data on your device and continue with your work.

How QuickBooks Integration will help your Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce Business.jpg

When it comes to fulfilling accounting needs, QuickBooks is the most sought after accounting software for businesses of all sizes. However, instead of integrating the software to your business, if you are going to use it as a standalone system, it will complicate matters. In fact, you can reap maximum benefits from QuickBooks with integration. There is no point in using disparate systems. Increased productivity and efficiency are some of the main advantages of QuickBooks integration.

When you integrate QuickBooks, you eliminate the need to transfer data manually between systems, thereby helping to significantly reduce data entry errors. Having no control over inventory is a common problem in disparate systems, the main reason being data is spread out in multiple systems. So when an order is placed or modified, it had to be re-entered manually in QuickBooks.

With integration, information can be transferred with a single click. So instead of spending hours in re-entering data manually, why not automate the process with integration. Moreover, your inventory data is up to date and centralized, which helps to streamline your operations. No longer running the risk of selling products that are out of stock. So sync your ecommerce data with QuickBooks and simplify data management.

With QuickBooks online integration, you are able to centralize all your financial data and moreover you get 24/7 access in real time from any device including smartphones and tablets. This will allow you to analyze your financial performance at any time. You introduce operational efficiencies, which can work wonders to take your business to the next level.

Ecommerce QuickBooks integration will simplify your business processes, thereby allowing your team to work more efficiently. As a result, your return on investment (ROI) will get a major boost, thereby leading to better business results. Thus, integration puts more money into your pocket and provides an easy way to handle your business.

Create and Send Quotes Instantly using Online Sales Quoting Software

Instantly using Online Sales Quoting Software

Many enterprises ask why to use online quoting tools when their on-premise versions are easily available. Well, the answer to this question is simple; The advantages that online versions offer far outweigh the benefits that on-premise versions bring to their quoting process. You had be surprised how quickly you can create and send quotes to the customer using Online sales quoting software.

On-premise quoting tools restrict your flexibility as far as time and place is concerned. Inability to move beyond the office premises for quoting is one of the biggest drawbacks of using on-premise quoting software. A visit to the office is a must every time you want to create a quote.

On the other hand, online tools allow you to access your quoting-related information from anywhere. This is particularly useful for sales reps who are always on the move. Online quoting tools are accessible through any Internet enabled device. So just activate the Internet connectivity of your device, access the web quoting tool and create some of the most complex quotes with ease.

Irrespective of the type of Internet-enabled device you are using, be it laptop, smartphone or tablet, it is possible to create and send quotes online. Quote approval also becomes a simple process for end customers with InstaQuote software as no paperwork is involved in quote confirmation. To be precise, customers don’t have to waste time in faxing the quoting document. The customer can confirm the quote using digital signature. Thus, quote confirmation process is convenient and hassle-free which can work wonders to get more customers.

On the whole, an online sales quoting software adds a great amount of convenience to your quoting process. You can surely expect an increase in overall productivity in your sales team. With this tool, your team will be able to generate higher number of quotes in minimum amount of time.

Reasons behind using CPQ Software

behind using CPQ Software

When you are selling lot of products and services and offering different configurations and bundles then it can be extremely difficult to create a quote. You tend to keep your customer waiting since you spend a lot of time creating a quote of a configurable product. All in all, managing the entire sales process using manual methods is prone to error, eventually leading to loss of business revenue.

An effective way to handle this issue and ensure accuracy in pricing is to use CPQ software. This tool automates the process and creates a centralized database of all the information. Hence, preparing complex quotes is never a time taking job using these quotes. Usage of these software tools has shown to increase sales and revenue. Moreover, the software tool helps to save a lot of time and provides accurate information about pricing.

CPQ tools allow you to set up prices of products that help to provide the maximum benefit revenue wise. You are able to create a product combinations that ensure high margins. Moreover, you are able to configure products as per exact customer needs. This can certainly help to get more new customers.

Another advantage of using Configure price quote software is that you have access to up to date pricing information. This is crucial at the time of selling products. So whether you are offering discounts, giving special pricing to certain customers or have increased your prices, CPQ enables you to keep track of product pricing accurately. Also, CPQ tools automatically identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities at the time of creating quotes which can help to increase order value.

On the whole, if your business suffers from slow quote process and have a hard time winning new sales, it is time to use CPQ tools. They are designed to save time and increase sales.