Why to Use PunchOut Catalog

Online QuotingFor any supplier, a PunchOut catalog feature provides the best way to handle B2B transactions. Large customers as well as supplier find it easier to conduct business via PunchOut. In fact, such is the popularity of this feature that suppliers don’t stand a chance to reach B2B customer without PunchOut. No wonder, it is rightly said that to win big deals, it is imperative for suppliers to incorporate this feature into their business. This technology simplifies purchasing process, hence can play a crucial role to attract and grow B2B business.

One of the main advantages of Punchout protocol is that the customer no longer has to input login credentials to access his site. The protocol sets up a direction connection between the supplier’s product catalog and the customer’s procurement system. So even if the supplier’s site is remotely located, customers are able to access it from within their procurement system. Simply clicking the PunchOut link takes the customer directly to the desired site.

Customers commonly use Oracle’s iprocurement system for purchasing products. Using PunchOut, the supplier’s website content automatically loads into the Oracle iProcurement catalog.

Being a customized website is the biggest perk of a PunchOut catalog. The website is designed keeping the customer’s requirements in mind. All the product categories and sub-categories visible in the website are as per the specifications given by the customer. This means it will feature products, pricing etc., that are agreed and approved by both the user and the supplier. Users of SAP procurement system cannot view non-approved products into their SAP catalog.

PunchOut eliminates the tedious taking of wading through non-contract products. This considerably saves the customer’s time and effort in purchasing products. Creating non-contract purchase order would become a thing of the past. As a supplier, you are assured of getting accurate PO, which in turn speeds up the ordering process.


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