Choose a Sales Quoting Software that Supports Distribution Integration

9 Aug pexels-photo-221185

Downloading and importing product files from distributors on a regular basis is an integral part of running a VAR business. These files contain all the product related data such as availability and pricing, which are required for preparing quotes. However, importing these files can be an arduous job depending upon the number of products and distributors that you are connected to.

For instance, let’s assume that you have partnered with a distributor, say Electrified Discounters. Now if Electrified Discounters catalog has over a thousand products, you can imagine how long it would take to get product information into your system. Moreover, in case you are connected to such 3-4 distributors, import process can indeed take a very long time.

If you want to simply your data import process, go for a sales quoting software that enables you to get product information from your distributors. This is possible when your distributor catalogs are integrated with your quoting tool. This distributor integration allows you to easily retrieve product data such as product details, Part No., Mfr. Name, Availability, MSRP/Cost and Price, directly into your system. Be it ASI distributor, Ingram Micro or Synnex, no matter what distributor you are connected to, integration gives a good sense of real time inventory.

Say good bye to importing product files as you have direct access to real time pricing and availability information from within your own quoting system. The sales quoting software comes with an intuitive and graphical user interface that allows you to search product by a specific criteria like Part Number, Category and Price. When you input the criteria, the relevant information from any distributor (say HP Partner Direct Distribution) required to create a quote is automatically retrieved and displayed on the interface. Also, you retrieve accurate up-to-the minute information, hence there can never be pricing errors in your quote.


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